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Anthem Beginner Level Tactics

How to Play with Friends in Anthem You can get information about Javelin personalization and talent usage. As Javelins are your vehicle to fight during the war, it is critical that you get to know it and adapt it to your style by recognizing its capabilities. But the first thing you should know is that […]

How to Play with Friends at Anthem

Here you can find what you need to do to meet friends or set up teams. To Play With Your Friends; It’s easy to get together with your friends in missions or castles. Go to the ini Social ın platform and invite Oyuncu Friends “to enter Oyuncu Friends“ and search for your friend’s name. If […]


Tips and Tricks: Anthem Travel Guide

In this article we will talk about how you can jump, swim or how you can fly while traveling in Anthem. You may think that you do not need a guide to travel. But new lands, animals etc. you may change your mind. Each javelin has a number of unique abilities. It is an important […]


How to Personalize Anthem Javelin?

Everyone has a unique style and the need for the javelin to be personalized. Anthem is very flexible to personalize your javelins. You can customize everything from the colors to the design of your dress. You can also benefit from the practical video at the end of the article while reading the article. From Fort […]

Tips and Tricks: Anthem Colossus Javelin

This article gives information about the skills, skills and combo information that can be used in Colossus Javeli. You’ll love Colossus if you want a Javelin that can easily clear enemies. It’s gonna be hard to stop him with his cannons and heavy weapons. The fact that he has a strong shield makes him very […]

Tips and Tricks: Anthem Ranger Javelin

This article provides information about the skills, skills and combo information that can be used in Ranger Javeli. As we mentioned earlier in our article, this javelin has a versatile ability. It will be your best choice if you don’t want to be a master in any field. Good shooting power and marksmanship.